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Plum Island

Plum Island Biodiversity Inventory

Schlesinger, M.D., E.L. White, S.M. Young, G.J. Edinger, K.A. Perkins, N. Schoppmann, and D. Parry. 2016. Biodiversity Inventory of Plum Island, New York. New York Natural Heritage Program, Albany, New York, and SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry, Syracuse, NY.

In this report we present the results of our year-long inventory of Plum Island, conducted in 2015. We also bring in data compiled for our earlier report (below) and species lists from colleagues to provide the most complete picture to date of Plum Island's biodiversity. We also make recommendations for management, restoration, and future inventory and monitoring.

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Biodiversity and Ecological Potential of Plum Island, New York

Schlesinger, M.D., A.L. Feldmann, and S.M. Young. 2012. Biodiversity and ecological potential of Plum Island, New York. New York Natural Heritage Program, Albany, New York.

In this report we document the historical and current known biodiversity, including natural communities and plant and animal species, of Plum Island, New York. We also note potentially undiscovered rare species and the potential of the island to support additional species with management and restoration. We draw from published literature, museum specimens, recent surveys, and expert opinion to form a comprehensive ecological picture of the history of the island’s biodiversity and its current status

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