Zoology Program

Our zoologists combine specialized field work with data from partners to assess the conservation status of New York’s animals and determine important locations for animal biodiversity statewide.

Status of Rare Animals

We maintain conservation status ranks (S-ranks) for the state’s rare and at-risk animal species. Our latest published list is from 2017, but we may update ranks anytime new information is available.

Rare Animal Status List Summary Information on NY’s Rare Animals

Special Projects

Learn about our ongoing and recent efforts to document New York’s animal biodiversity, from pollinators to birds to whales.

Empire State Native Pollinator Survey NY Breeding Bird Atlas III All Zoology Projects

Rare Animal Surveys

Our Zoologists conduct inventories for rare animals on State Forests, the Forest Preserve, State Parks, and other places around New York.

State Parks Project State Lands Project Plum Island

Tracking Rare Animals

Our data are essential for prioritizing those species and communities in need of protection and for guiding land-use and land-management decisions where these species and communities exist.

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Marine Zoology

With over 2,600 miles of ocean coastline, New York has both a rich marine biodiversity and high levels of human activity. Our marine zoologists work locally, regionally, and coast-wide to conserve this treasured corner of the ocean and the transient and resident species that call it home.

Whale Monitoring Our Marine Program

Zoological Resources

Here you’ll find links to community science portals, online identification guides, and more.

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