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Want to learn more about iMapInvasives? Wondering how to access a particular functionality? Having a tech issue? We have compiled all of the help documents, video tutorials, and webinar recordings available to iMap users in the table below. Whether you are just getting started, or you want to learn more about a specific advanced data collection tool, we have you covered.

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Format Title iMap Platform Topic(s) Includes Species ID Last Updated Getting Started
Short videoGetting Started with iMapInvasives - Mobile appOnline,Mobile App Account Setup & Login, Submitting Records, Getting StartedNoAug 2021Yes
Short videoHow to Create an iMapInvasives AccountOnlineAccount Setup & LoginNoMar 2021
Short videoDownloading the iMapInvasives Mobile AppMobile AppAccount Setup & LoginNoDec 2020
Short videoSetting Preferences on the iMapInvasives Mobile AppMobile AppAccount Setup & LoginNoMar 2021
Short videoRecording an Observation Using the iMapInvasives Mobile AppMobile AppSubmitting RecordsNoFeb 2021
Short videoGetting Started with iMapInvasives - OnlineOnlineAccount Setup & Login, Getting StartedNoAug 2021Yes
Short videoHow to Join and Access iMapInvasives OnlineOnlineAccount Setup & LoginNoAug 2021
Short videoViewing Invasive Species Distributions in iMapInvasivesOnlineNavigating the InterfaceNoAug 2021
Short videoSubmitting an Observation to iMapInvasives OnlineOnlineSubmitting RecordsNoAug 2021
Story MapThe iMapInvasives Network StoryMapOnline,Mobile App,iMap Survey123Getting Started, Navigating the InterfaceNoFeb 2021Yes
PDFiMap Mobile App Setup and Usage GuideMobile AppGetting Started, Account Setup/Login, Submitting RecordsNoNov 2021Yes
PDFiMap Field Data Collection Tools SummaryOnline,Mobile App,iMap Survey123,NY Advanced ToolsSubmitting Records, iMMA, SAS-Pro, Treatment DataNoFeb 2021
PDFiMapInvasives Survey123 Form Setup and Usage GuideiMap Survey123Submitting Records, Account Setup & Login, Getting StartedNoMar 2023
PDFEmail alertsOnlineEmail alertsNoJun 2019
WebinariMapInvasives 3.0: The Basics Online,Mobile AppAccount Setup & Login, Submitting Records, Navigating the Interface, Getting Started, Data TypesNoMay 2019Yes
PDFHow to Sign in to iMapOnlineAccount Setup & Login, Getting StartedNoYes
PDFOverview of iMap User RolesOnlineUser Roles & PermissionsNo
PDFData Types and How You Can Use iMapOnlineData Types, Submitting Records, Getting StartedNoYes
PDFMap Button AppendixOnlineNavigating the Interface, Getting StartedNo
PDFCreate or Edit a Record OnlineOnlineSubmitting Records, Getting StartedNoYes
PDFCreate a Project OnlineOrganizations & ProjectsNo
WebinarPrepping for field season with iMapInvasives: data collection tools, email alerts, reports, and moreOnline,Mobile AppEmail alerts, Submitting Records, Report Tool (Data Summaries), Navigating the Interface, Organizations & ProjectsNoApr 2021
WebinarIdentifying and Reporting Spotted Lanternfly and Tree of heaven with NY iMapInvasives Online,Mobile AppSubmitting Records, Account Setup & Login, Navigating the InterfaceYesFeb 2021
Webinar2022 iMap Confirming WorkshopOnlineConfirming, Navigating the InterfaceNoDec 2020
WebinarReporting Invasives with the iMapInvasives Survey123 FormiMap Survey123Account Setup & Login, Submitting RecordsNoDec 2020
WebinarUsing iMapinvasives to Make Maps and Reports OnlineReport Tool (Data Summaries), Navigating the InterfaceNoOct 2020
WebinarExploring and Reporting Invasive Species with iMapInvasives Online,Mobile AppAccount Setup & Login, Submitting RecordsYesJun 2020
WebinariMapInvasives Mobile App Training with Four Under-reported SpeciesMobile AppAccount Setup & Login, Submitting Records, Organizations & Projects, Getting StartedYesMay 2020Yes
WebinarAdvanced iMapInvasives TopicsOnlineAccount Setup & Login, Submitting Records, Organizations & ProjectsNoJan 2020
WebinarCTN Training from iMap Beyond the Basics Online Account Setup & Login, Submitting Records, Organizations & Projects, Navigating the InterfaceNoNov 2019
WebinariMapInvasives 3.0: Advanced Data Training OnlineSubmitting Records, Navigating the InterfaceNoMay 2019
WebinariMapInvasives 3.0: Power User Training OnlineOrganizations & Projects, User Roles & Permissions, Navigating the InterfaceNoMay 2019
PDFiMapInvasives: Getting StartedOnline,Mobile AppAccount Setup & Login, Getting Started, Organizations & ProjectsNoYes
PDFReporting Water Chestnut Pulls in iMapOnlineSubmitting Records, Treatment Data, Organizations & ProjectsYesMay 2021
WebinarMake Your Efforts Count: Leveraging iMapInvasives to Record Water Chestnut PullsOnlineSubmitting Records, Treatment Data, Organizations & ProjectsYesJun 2021
PDFUnderstanding Your AccountOnlineGetting Started, Navigating the Interface, Organizations & ProjectsNoYes
Web PageUser Roles and PermissionsOnlineUser Roles & Permissions, Organizations & ProjectsNo
PDFOrganization Administration in iMapInvasivesOnlineOrganizations & Projects, User Roles & PermissionsNo
Web PageToubleshooting TipsOnlineAccount Setup & Login, Navigating the Interface, Submitting RecordsNo
Web PageViewing the MapOnlineAccount Setup & Login, Navigating the InterfaceNo
Web PageCreating Custom Map Distributions OnlineNavigating the InterfaceNo
Web PageSearched Area RecordOnlineData TypesNo
Web Page Downloading DataOnlineExports & WMSNo
Web Page ReportsOnlineReport Tool (Data Summaries)No
PDFConfirming Records in iMapInvasives - ProfessionalsOnlineConfirmingNoJul 2020
PDFConfirming Records in iMapInvasives - VolunteersOnlineConfirmingNoDec 2021
PDFSimple Aquatic Survey (SAS-Pro) help docNY Advanced ToolsSubmitting Records, SAS-ProNoDec 2021
WebinarRecording treatments - Survey123 - LHPRISMOnline,iMap Survey123Submitting Records, Treatment DataNoFeb 2021
PDFWeb Map Services (WMS) help docWeb Map ServicesExports & WMSNoDec 2021
WebinarGetting Started with the iMapInvasives Certified Trainers NetworksOnline,Mobile AppAccount Setup & Login, Submitting RecordsNoMay 2020
Short videoCreating Custom Invasive Species Reports in iMapInvasivesOnlineReport Tool (Data Summaries)NoJan 2021
WebinarDocumenting Infestations before and after treatment in iMapInvasivesOnlineSubmitting Records, Treatment DataNoSep 2021
WebinarIdentifying and Filling Data Gaps in iMapInvasivesOnlineNavigating the Interface, Submitting Records, Report Tool (Data Summaries)YesJul 2021
WebinarThe 6th Annual Invasive Species Mapping ChallengeOnline,Mobile AppAccount Setup & Login, Submitting RecordsYesJul 2021
WebinariMap Mobile Advanced (iMMA) - WorkshopNY Advanced ToolsSubmitting records, iMMANoNov 2020
WebinarSimple Aquatic Survey (SAS-Pro) TutorialNY Advanced ToolsSubmitting records, SAS-ProNoMay 2021
PDFOffline basemaps handoutiMap Survey123,NY Advanced ToolsiMMA, SAS-ProNoDec 2021
WebinarThe NY Invasive Species Tier List: Using the online tier table to prioritize managementDerivative ProductsNoJul 2021
Story MapThe NY Invasive Species Tiers Story MapDerivative ProductsNoApr 2021
PDFSpecies Tiers HandoutDerivative ProductsNoNov 2021
PDFNY Invasive Species Spatial Prioritization Help DocDerivative ProductsNo
PDFNY Invasive Species Spatial Prioritization - Layer componentsDerivative ProductsNoOct 2016
WebinarPlaylist - Monthly Webinar seriesOnline,Mobile App,iMap Survey123,Derivative ProductsNo
WebinariMapInvasives User Stories from 2020Online,Mobile AppNoMar 2021
WebinariMapInvasives in the Classroom - the Invasive Species Curriculum for Middle and High School StudentsOnline,Mobile AppNoAug 2021

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