Species Distribution Modeling Projects

Species distribution modeling combines the data from Natural Heritage rare species occurrences with remotely sensed environmental data to create maps of predicted suitable habitat for rare plants and animals. These maps can be used to help a variety of conservation projects.

  • We develop habitat suitability models for our rare species to support more effective management on State Forest and Forest Preserve lands managed by NYS DEC’s Division of Lands and Forests.
  • We collaborated with the Virginia Natural Heritage Program, Pennsylvania Natural Heritage Program, and Florida Natural Areas Inventory to build species distribution models in the Northeastern US (USEPA Region 5; completed 2017).
  • We worked with The Nature Conservancy to develop habitat suitability models and connectivity assessments to support conservation decision making in light of climate change.
  • We were modeling partners with NatureServe on the Map of Biodiversity Importance (MOBI) (completed 12-2019)

Oct. 16, 2020