Request Natural Heritage Information

New York Natural Heritage makes its data available to inform

  • biodiversity and environmental conservation
  • natural resource inventory and management
  • open space inventory and land protection
  • municipal or regional planning
  • land use decisions
  • scientific research
  • environmental assessment
  • project review.

If you need information on the presence of rare or listed plants and animals or of significant natural communities that may be impacted by a proposed development, project, or activity, and/or if you are completing Part I of an Environmental Assessment Form (EAF), then please see Request Natural Heritage Information for Project Screening on the NYSDEC website.

If you would like Natural Heritage information for any other uses other than project review, check out the online tools and datasets listed below. If these do not meet your needs and you would like to request additional Natural Heritage data, please contact us at or leave a message at +1 (518) 402-8944.

Online sources of Natural Heritage information:

The following data are available for download:

Note that information regarding the locations of rare species is considered sensitive. The distribution of information which identifies the locations of rare species or their habitats may lead to the collection or disturbance of the animals and plants at those locations. NYSDEC has the legal authority, under New York State Environmental Conservation Law, to restrict access to such information, and has adopted a policy regarding the release of information compiled by the New York Natural Heritage Program. Under this policy, the level of detail provided about the locations and identities of rare species may be limited in order to protect the sensitive resources.

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