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Facilitating conservation of New York State's biodiversity

Conservation Guides

Our online Conservation Guides are designed to help land managers, decision-makers, planners, scientists, consultants, and the public better understand the rare species and natural communities of New York.

Conservation Guides

New York's Biodiversity

We compile and analyze data on species status and recovery to identify which species and habitats in the state are in greatest need of protection.

Rare Animal Status Lists Rare Plant Status Lists Ecological Communities of NY

Community Science

Community or Citizen science is a great way to engage our partners and the public in our work. Check out how you can participate!

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ADK Orchids
Rare Plants of NY

Spotlight: Pollinators

We recently completed three years of surveying for native insect pollinators all over New York to help understand the conservation status of these important members of natural ecosystems.

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Spotlight: Riparian Opportunity Assessment

Projects like our Riparian Opportunity Assessment support conservation efforts by highlighting where specific conservation activities are likely to be the most effective or have the biggest impact.

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Spotlight: Our Marine Work

We are one of the few Heritage programs in the NatureServe network with staff focused on marine zoology and natural community mapping.

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