Hudson River Element Occurrence Processing

Project Sponsor: New York State Department of Environmental Conservation - Division of Water
End Date: Dec. 31, 2014


With funding from the Hudson River Estuary Program, we examined all of our files of unprocessed data and rare species reports for information on occurrences of rare animals, rare plants, and significant natural communities in the ten counties of the Hudson River Valley. Reports and other data were assessed as to whether there was enough information to be confident of the identification of the species, to determine that the presence of the species qualified as an occurrence, and to map the occurrence. Some unprocessed data and reports did not meet these criteria and thus were not processed. From the data and reports that did meet the above criteria, 267 element occurrence (EO) records were created or updated in Biotics, New York Natural Heritage’s spatial and tabular database. All new EO records and 77 updated records involved new mapping of the EO in addition to new tabular data.

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