Assessments of Habitat Condition, Connectivity, Suitability

Analyses of habitat condition, connectivity, or suitability can combine field data with remotely sensed datasets to create wall to wall assessments.

  • We worked with the Hudson River Estuary Program to update a dataset of forest patches throughout New York and assess patch condition in the Hudson Valley (completed 12-2019). The patches can be viewed using the Hudson Valley Natural Resource Mapper and the final report is available at the Hudson Valley Forest Patch Update and Assessment project page.
  • The PATHWAYS project assessed habitat connectivity for 25 Species of Greatest Conservation Need in the Hudson Valley (completed 2012).
  • For our Freshwater Blueprint, we developed GIS datasets to help identify locations and status of critical freshwater targets in New York (completed 2011).
  • Our Landscape Condition Assessment model was developed with funding from USEPA, and has been shown to be correlated with condition as measured on the ground.
  • Our Biodiversity Index combines an analysis of habitat condition with rare species richness to highlight the areas of the state that of highest importance for rare and significant biodiversity.
  • For the Albany Pine Bush Preserve Commission, we created a high-resolution land cover classification and used this classification to map natural communities (completed 2018).

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