Species Distribution Modeling of T&E Species Throughout R5

Project Sponsor: Virginia Department of Conservation and Recreation
End Date: June 30, 2017


We worked in collaboration with the Virginia Natural Heritage Program, Pennsylvania Natural Heritage Program, all other northeast Natural Heritage Programs, and the USFWS field office staff from USFWS Region 5 to assemble the key environmental variables and species occurrence data and information for regional species distribution modeling (SDM) for Threatened and Endangered Species. Modelers at NYNHP and VANHP will develop regional models for selected species and deliver final screening layers for use in USFWS environmental review and species recovery efforts.

Species Distribution Model (SDM) Assessment Metrics and Metadata

The metadata for each species will show model parameters used, which environmental variables were most important, error statistics, a generalized map of the model, and references. This work has been a collaborative effort funded by two sources, USFWS Region 5 and South Atlantic LCC. For species that were modeled for both projects, the project name is linked to the appropriate species model for either USFWS Region 5 or the SALCC.

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